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Business Trip for a Year,Should Use A Luggage Bag or a Suitcase.

A hard-sided suitcase is your greatest bet for traveling for longer periods, such as a year in your case!

Long trips, of course, necessitate a bag with ample interior space and a durable enough exterior to withstand the rigors of travel while escaping with only a few scratches.

Why Luggage isn’t a suitable option

They aren’t flexible; thus, they cause problems in tight spaces like airplane overhead lockers or car trunks. You can’t cram it in like a soft case if the space isn’t big enough. Internally, they are restricted by their capacity. Expander portions and outside pockets are common features of soft cases. This feature is not available in hard cases. If you only have a small amount of space, storing them can be difficult. Because of their inflexible structure, they can’t be crammed into tight areas. Scratches and scrapes are common. A brand-new case can rapidly lose its charm.

Accessibility can be a problem, particularly if you’re staying in a small room. Because most cases feature a 50/50 opening, you’ll have to open the full case to get to it. To remove stuff from it, you’ll need a large surface area. You can easily remove an item from a soft case by unzipping a small section. In many cases, they are more expensive than their soft case counterparts. The plastic’s quality may vary.
They are particularly subject to damage while being loaded and unloaded from an airplane. As many baggage handlers can tell you, they don’t like being tossed around. The majority of hard cases have four wheels. This is acceptable on smooth surfaces, but it is a nuisance on rougher terrain. Two-wheel cases are more practical over difficult terrain. Some people may find the absence of external storage inconvenient. Pockets are extremely useful for storing passports and paperwork close to reaching. You’re effectively obliged to carry a second bag with hard cases.

Why Leather Suitcase Maybe a Perfect Choice Here
What’s the deal with leather? Let’s face it: we all adore leather goods and accessories, don’t we? Yes, indeed! Therefore, don’t imagine that leather has become fashionable in this century despite the flourishing fashion business. Humans have used leather for many years to create clothing, commodities, accessories, and more – the earliest evidence of leather objects goes back to 2200 BC. So, you already know that leather products, particularly suitcases, are the greatest option. Do you, however, understand the true advantages of purchasing leather suitcases? Don’t be concerned; we’re about to delve into the advantages and benefits of this unique substance, which has been popular for over a century.

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Flexibility and Durability: Leather is well-known for its durability and resilience, which is one of the reasons it’s one of the most popular handbag materials. You may use your leather purse every day without worrying about it being torn. Its natural elasticity also contributes to its durability; over time, it becomes more flexible, giving it a distinctive shape and allowing it to age gracefully while maintaining its attractive appearance, form, and utility.

Eco-Friendly: Leather is a natural resource, unlike other synthetic materials used to produce bags. This also means that making a leather bag does not degrade the environment as much as making a synthetic or imitation bag does by utilizing additional chemicals. Leather helps us feel good and gives us peace of mind because it’s composed of natural materials rather than unknown laboratory-based chemical items.
Leather suitcases are naturally waterproof and breathable, providing some protection for your stuff within if you are caught in a drizzle or light rain. Of course, we’re not claiming that if you get your bag wet, nothing will happen, but it can proudly withstand dampness. Leather also has a natural ability to breathe. That means it resists odor, fungal attack, dust mites, and dry abrasion, all of which can readily occur with other fake leather or synthetic bags.

Long-Term Money Saver: You may believe that leather suitcases are pricey, which may make you hesitant to purchase one. However, if we show you simple math, you’ll see that buying a genuine, top-grain leather suitcase will save you money in the long run over buying low-cost, low-quality luggage.

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