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Men’s Fashion Tips – Essentials For The Rugged

He is a rough gentleman who takes pride in his looks without sacrificing his toughness or sense of adventure.

Is it important to him to keep up with the latest fashion trends for men? Sure. He, on the other hand, lacks both the time and the desire to wade through “101 fashion recommendations for men.” We’ve condensed it down to these elements to make things simple:

Leather Wallet
A decent leather wallet is essential for any man. Even the best-dressed gentleman will destroy his appearance by paying for supper with an overloaded, raggedy billfold. You’ll have a wallet you’ll be glad to bring out when it’s time to pay the bill if you look for superb craftsmanship and high-quality leather.

Sunglasses are a must-have summer accessory that we’re sure you already have, but now is the time to either go with the old pair you’ve sat on twice or add to your collection — after all, you have more than one pair of jeans, right? Wayfarers are the perfect choice for the man who prefers to keep it casual if you’re looking for a classic, all-occasion pair of sunglasses. Are you looking for a unique alternative? Consider a pair of modern-cool aviators with a flash lens or an oil-slick look.

In recent years, belts appear to have become optional, and we’re not particularly fond of the trend. It’s simple: a man should wear a belt if his pants (or shorts) contain belt loops. Unfortunately, with frequent usage, cheap belts can become shabby; therefore, quality materials are essential. You’ll be fine if you invest in a genuine leather belt. Belts made of bison leather and full-grain traditional leather are both excellent choices in this assortment of men’s leather belts.

Leather Bag
A gentleman has places to be — and plenty of stuff to take with him. Whether bringing documents to the office, shoes to the gym, or garments to the camping, a rugged gentleman has places to be — and plenty of stuff to take with him. A well-made bag is high on the list of a man’s needs in terms of utility and style. Allow your practical needs to guide you in deciding on the type of bag (briefcase bag? duffle bag?) and the material (leather? canvas?), then allow your own style to guide you in deciding on the final touches (sleek profile? tough hardware?).

leather messenger bag men

For many men, watches are a well-known companion. A watch’s job is to display the current time as accurately as possible for as long as feasible. Other visual characteristics, such as the watch’s ability to communicate the time, are also crucial. In terms of functionality, how well the watch fits your hand is also vital.
When shopping for a watch, many men disregard the above-mentioned functions of a watch in favor of something more visually appealing. This frequently leads to a nice-looking watch that lacks the functionalities that should have been included as standard in the first place.

Jewelry For Men
Is it OK for guys to wear jewelry? Yes, of course. There are no restrictions; however, take in mind the context of your ensemble. Jewelry is anyone’s game, depending on where you work and whether or not you have a rigorous Monday to Friday uniform. If you’re dipping your toe into the proverbial accessories pool for the first time, keep it simple with a woven leather bracelet; if your watch needs some company, a woven leather bracelet is an easy accent to any ensemble (even with a suit, but no more than two). Take it a step further and add a massive signet ring to your accessory arsenal.

Bow Tie or Necktie
Even if it’s not a standard requirement in his daily life, any rugged guy should have at least one or two ties in his arsenal. We believe that if a man is going to wear something, he should enjoy it. So don’t put yourself in a bind at the last minute. You’ll be glad you took the time to choose a tie or two that you’ll be proud to wear.

A gruff gentleman sifts through the excess to find the timeless essentials when it comes to fashion (and pretty much anything else in life). Then he adds his own grit to the style to make it his own.

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