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Styles in Man Bag

The word “man bag” still sends shivers up the spines of many a well-dressed gentleman. But, forget about cheap pleather and drawstring designs, as well as the dreadful (and frankly, out-of-date) tabloid lingo — a good bag is a modern-day necessity that all males should proudly carry.

We at NorthBison believe that the man bag has finally found its place in society. Its requirements have been identified, and an increasing number of men are willing to leave the house with their trusted man bag – even if many remain skeptical of the term.

Styles of Man Bag

Like sneakers and baseball caps, the backpack was originally a messy afterthought that has become a desirable purchase in the last decade. It’s not just the most adaptable design on the list, but it’s also the only man bag you could buy three of and use them all.

Depending on your lifestyle, it may be a sophisticated backpack for the business-casual commuter, a sturdy companion for weekend pursuits, or a training buddy for your gym outfit. Your old school bag is officially an all-grown-up men’s bag style: a genuine menswear classic, and it’s been adopted by almost every style tribe on the planet.

Messenger Bags
Until recently, the messenger bag was associated with messy middle-aged commuters and paper carriers. On the other hand, designers are currently obsessed with making once unstylish but practical objects cool again. As a result, the modern messenger bag retains its utility while also including certain beauty. You can now customize this type of bag to your design, making it ideal for lugging laptops, files, and the occasional lunchbox while keeping your hands free. The message is clear from bold branding to normcore commuter, classic sportswear, and high-end leather.

They are comparable to messenger bags, but they’re usually made of canvas and have a softer look than other messenger bags. They include a long strap that may be worn over the body or over the shoulder, making them convenient to take around. Unfortunately, satchels don’t usually offer a lot of space, only enough for your laptop and a few notebooks. However, if you need to carry a lot more, a somewhat larger messenger bag is the way to go.

leather messenger bag for men

The man bag with the most official appearance is the briefcase. Briefcases have become more thinner and sleeker in appearance, making them ideal for transporting your business requirements. They’re less boxy than in previous years, and they’re the ideal complement to a work suit. Another advantage of briefcases is that they frequently contain multiple compartments. There’s a compartment for your laptop, another for your notebook, pencils, wallet, and phone – everything gets its own spot. Your briefcase’s utilitarian size makes it convenient to carry around daily, and you’ll always know where everything is.

Duffel Bag
It is the most adaptable guy bag on the market. Their medium size is ideal for a weekend getaway, a trip to the gym, or simply carrying a few extra items. This makes them excellent for days with inclement weather. An additional jumper, a mac, or a short-sleeved shirt can be added, allowing you to alter your outfit depending on whether the sun is shining or whether you are caught in the rain. Short handles and a longer strap are common features of duffel bags, allowing you to carry it in your hand or over your shoulder.

Final Words
Confidence is the most important factor in pulling off any man’s bag. Everyone else will see the bag the same way you do if you can wear it with pride and feel good about it. Choose a man bag that you know you’ll be able to use with a variety of items, and you’ll quickly find yourself unable to leave home without it. Plus, having only one bag means you always know where everything is, and you don’t have to worry about losing your notes in your other bag.

Man bags are available in various styles from Northbison Leather. So come on over to our website and take a look around to select your ideal man bag.

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